This course is the continuation of the Advanced module.

All content from Modul Advanced is deepened and even better generalized: Practice creates masters – with dogs and humans! The participants may also determine the focus of the learning content. Of course the fun factor can not be missed here as well as many new fun exercises!


Learning content of Module ADVANCED PLUS

Here the participants are allowed to decide on which topics the course should focus on. In the first lesson the individual wishes are discussed together.

    • Insights into the technique of “Free Shaping”
    • Chin target
    • Eye contact on signal
    • brush teeth
    • Signal Stand
    • Signal Stop!
    • Break off signal – further exercises and generalization
    • Basic position for heel (advanced)
    • Finger target (advanced)
    • Muzzle training (advanced)
    • Sit and lay down, even at a distance under distraction
    • Sit and lay down “stay” (advanced)
    • Walking nicely on the leash (advanced)
    • Changing sides while walking (advanced)
    • Recall training (advanced)
    • Drop it signal (advanced)
    • Quiet waiting (advanced)


    Course Details

    This course held in small groups of maximum 5 teams human-dog-teams. This allows a smooth flow and ensures enough time to devote special attention to individual questions or difference levels of training.

    • Location: amicanis TrainingsWerkstatt, very close to Irchelpark
    • Schedule & Times: please check Events and look for „Modul ADVANCED PLUS“
    • Costs: CHF 280.00 (Includes 6 lessons in small closed group, bonus material, documentation, indoor option, certificate and administrative costs)
    • Training will take place in spite of weather conditions


    Please take along

    Only to the first lesson

                • Course Fee – Cash (in a marked envelope) or bank transfer confirmation

    For every Lesson

                  • Normal everyday equipment (No Flexi-Leash)
                  • Lots and lots of food (small pellets, it’s better to bring to much than to little)
                  • Water for your dog
                  • Robidog-Bags
                  • Appropriate clothing (If it rains, please have a towel for your dog)
                  • Blanked for your dog
                  • A good mood, motivation and patience 🙂

    Please keep in mind

                    • Please remember, that you and your dog should arrive min. 5 Minutes before the lessons starts, without having to be stressed upon arrival. This also allows your dog to do his/her business and get to know the training grounds – for an optimal start with training.
                    • Out of respect of insecure dogs, dogs are not allowed to make contact while on the lead. Furthermore, it is fair to keep a distance of 5-6 meters between teams (or even more if a dog needs it).
                    • Dogs are always to be hold on the lead and can only be set free with the consultation of amicanis-trainer.
                    • It is mandatory to pick up dog excrement’s during training and in the area of the courses.


                      • To register, please go to Events
                      • If you have any questions, please send us an email.