News Update:

After the Cantonal Council of Zurich decided in May 2018 to abolish the compulsory dog-holder courses, 62 members of the Cantonal Council submitted the referendum against the abolition. So on 10th February 2019 it came to a public vote in the canton of Zurich about the mandatory courses. The Result: almost 70% of all votes wanted to keep the mandatory courses for dog owners alive.

The course requirement will be maintained, but there will be changes: Owners of all breeds (big or small) will have to attend a mandatory practical course (probably 6 lessons). In addition, it is envisaged that all first dog owners must attend a compulsory theory course (probably 2 lessons) before purchasing a dog. By when this new regulation occurs is currently still not defined. The government council is currently working on this course concept.

Currently, the puppy, young dog and parenting courses in the canton of Zurich are compulsory for large breeds until further notice and must be visited within a reasonable time.


The Junghunde-/Erziehungskurs is suitable for large dogs as well as the small ones. However, they are compulsory for dogs of the Rassetypliste 1.

Questions mandatory courses at Kanton Zurich

Do you have questions about the mandatory dog courses at Kanton Zurich? Please have a close look here.

We recommend you to take the compulsory courses as an “opportunity” and not as an “obligation”. Actually, they are a lot of fun! Your dog is definitely looking forward to the common quality time! We offer courses for motivated teams only!

Thanks to our cozy TrainingsWerkstatt we can train indoor and outdoor

Junghunde- & Erziehungskurs at amicanis

At amicanis you can visit the Jundhunde- or Erziehungskurs by booking Module BASIC (6 Lessons) first, followed by the  Module DVANCED (6 Lessons) – and you get the Junghunde-/Erziehungskurs if you visit minimum 10 lessons – of course you benefit much more from the course, if you visit all 12 lessons.

In case you would need more than 10 mandatory lessons, you can just add other modules afterwards.

You will find the next courses at our event section.


We are looking forward to meet you and your dog.