The module series of amicanis for you and your dog

For a successful introduction into modern dog training – and a good education for your dog, amicanis offers various modules of 6 lessons.

The ideal basic training for every human-dog team who wants to learn together and grow together!

These modules are suitable for small as well as for large dogs! No basic knowledge is required for the BASIC module. For all other modules, the previous modules have to be visited.

For quality reasons, all courses are held in closed small groups.

This means that the lessons build on each other and per module you train with your dog in the same group constellation. Because with a red thread it is easier for both, human and dog to learn. Dog training should be fun for man and dog – and above all it should be sustainable.


More Details about the modules can be found here:

Thanks to our comfortable training workshop we can train indoor and outdoor

All courses are announced under Events – where you can also register directly.


Mandatory Junghunde- und Erziehungskurs for Kanton Zurich?

These modules can also be booked for the mandatory “Junghunde-/Erziehungskurs” of Kanton Zurich. The Basic and Advanced modules together make up the 10-lessons for the Junghunde-/Erziehungskurs – plus 2 additional lessons because dog training is just fun.

If you “have to” attend more than 10 mandatory lessons, you are welcome to book the other modules afterwards, which we warmly recommend anyways.


Mandatory Puppy lessons?

For various reasons we do not offer mandatory puppy classes. On request we can recommend you some good puppy groups.

During the puppytime the foundation for the future of every dog is laid.
For individual care and guidance during the puppytime we are hapy to support you with private lesson(s). However, these are intended as a supplement to the mandatory puppy classes – and are not counted as “mandatory puppy class lessons”.