As of January 2017, the compulsory subject for the Swiss-wide SKN certificate (theory & practical training) is not mandatory anymore. However, the compulsory course of the Canton of Zurich (Welpenkurse, Junghundekurse & Erziehungskurse) for large breeds still exists. Read more here.

News mandatory theory courses
It is very likely that first dog owners soon will have to visit a mandatory courses again, before getting their first dog. More about this you can read here.  Of course, in this case, we will also handout the certificate retroactively. This course is a lot more comprehensive than the course requirement will dictate – and much better preparation for the new family member.

Even if the SKN Theory Course before getting the dog is not mandatory anymore, we would like to offer interested persons this valuable, comprehensive course. It does not matter if you are interested in a puppy or a dog from the animal shelter.

For an optimal start into the wonderful life with a dog!

In addition, this course is not only exciting for “first time owner” – but for all dog-loving persons, who want to learn more about “the wonderful world of canines” and “the life with a dog today”. We promise you a very interesting and fun day – all about dogs! You will be very up to date after this course!


      • Evolution of dogs (Special Topic: Puppy development)
      • Important points when purchasing a dog
      • Behaviour of dogs (Normal / Problematic)
      • Breed specific purposes
      • How does a dog learn
      • Sneak-peak in practical training techniques
      • Dog training aids
      • Health aspects and care
      • Legal foundation
      • Code of Conduct
      • Activities for the dog
      • Enough time for individual questions

Course Details

      • Min. 3 and max. 8 participants (without dog!)
      • Location: Area Zürich Unterstrasse, for details please check Events
      • Dates and Times: please check Events
      • Costs: CHF 210.00, includes english documentation, english bonus material, mineral water, croissant, personal certificate and course administration
      • Costs für the 2nd Person of the same household: CHF 160.00

Please bring along

      • Identification card or drivers licence
      • Writing material
      • Confirmation of payment or the exact cash amount
      • Cash for lunch in the restaurant
      • Good mood, motivation and lots of questions!


In case you already have a dog, please note that this theory course takes place without dogs. Please look for a good dogsitter for this day. Thank you for your understanding.


            • To register, please go to Events and select „theory course: Update Dog! (english)”
            • If you have any questions, please send us an email.