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Walking nicely on the lead

Many dogs have the habit of pulling on the lead. But this is not healthy for your Hundeschule-Zuerich-Kurs-lockeres-Leinelaufendog and also not really cool for you. And: it’s unnecessary. So let’s solve it!

We’ll explain to the dog in an understandable and very dog-friendly way, that pulling brings him no advantage – and that he can reach his goal much faster and in a more enjoyable way – without pulling.

Of course you will have to practice between the lessons. But you’ll be amazed by the progress your dog can quickly make, by applying these dog-friendly techniques.

For details & registration, please see Events.

Recall training – intense


A good recall can save lives! Nevertheless, it only works with intensive training and understanding of the topic at hand. What are you waiting for?

The course is composed of two parts: Theory and Field-Training. We first start off with an approx. 3 hour theory part, as this creates a solid base of understanding and help master the build-up. Also when training up a whistle.

Afterwards, the field training part is split into 4 training lessons, which are spread over a few weeks. This allows us to have enough time to train in between. All exercises are fun and can be built into your daily walks. Don’t forget, warm up your voice 😉

For details & registration, please see Events.

Break off signal – intense


As well as the recall, a break off signal can save lifes – or at least help mitigate potential problems.

A good break-off signal tells your dog  “stop” – like “don’t even try, as you won’t succeed anyways”. Sounds tough, but we train it very fair, as your dog gets a great alternative.

Same as with the recall, the break off signal needs to be very well generalized, so it will soon work in any situation. This course creates you a very solid base for it.

For details & registration, please see Events.

More will follow …