Social Walks are walks with your dog with-in a group of other dog owners, which would like to practice dog-dog or dog-human encounters in a safe environment, as this is not always possible in normal day hectic. Goal is to create a learning environment for all participants.

For whom are social walks suitable?

Social Walks are suitable for dogs, who encounter difficulty (over excited, stress or aggression), when meeting upon other dogs. The social walk offers the possibility for dog-human teams to practice and learn more about dog communication. Social Walks work perfect for dogs of every age.

How does a social walk work?

The walks are organised, so that encounters occur in a safe and controlled environment. This helps all participants focus on key points. All participants are informed of the other team’s challenges and requirement, so that all can cope and achieve their individual goals.
Social walks can be tailored to the individual levels of training for each dog. This helps all participants steadily achieve progress and have „Wow, I made it experiences”.

Agenda of Social Walks

    • The group assembles each other at the designated meeting point (the dogs must wait in the car)
    • This allows everybody to introduce themselves and explain their current goal for the social walk or their current challenges
    • Briefing of the social walk route and determination of the walking order
    • The teams start in the designated walking order, by calmly getting their dogs out of the cars and departing on the marked route
    • After successfully completing the social walk, the dogs are returned to the cars, so that one can discuss and give feedback to the walk

Social Walk Details

    • Locations: Area of Zürich Unterstrasse (Neighborhoods, in the forest, and other different routes)
    • Duration: ca. 1.5 hours
    • Schedule & Times: normally on Saturday or Sunday 08:30 Uhr (dates via doodle)
    • Every team has to be instructed prior to participating (privatelesson) to figure out the individual training for the dog
    • Social Walks are carried regardless of weather conditions


  • CHF 35.00/Walk with 10 Combo (CHF 350.00/Combo, valuable 10 month)
  • CHF 40.00/Walk mit 5 Combo (CHF 200.00/Combo, valuable 5 month)
  • CHF 45.00/Walk without Combo

What to take along

    • Everyday dog walking equipment (Flexi-Leashes are not allowed)
    • Water for your dog
    • Lots of dog food (kibbles) or a foodtube
    • Exact amount of cash to pay the fee
    • Good mood, motivation and patience 🙂

Very important:

      • Before arriving, please give your dog the chance to walk about, so that they have done all their business before the start of the social walk. This shouldn’t be done in the vicinity of the social walk location, as it is important, that the dogs do not see each other before the walk.
      • The dogs do not have direct contact to each other and are always on the leash.
      • Please arrive 5-10min prior to the start of the walks .This allows everyone to start on time.


Please send an email with the subject “Social Walk” to Upon receipt, we’ll organise a briefing and the Doodle-link containing the schedule is sent. Please register yourself accordingly.