theory course: Dog Update! (former SKN – even better)

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Even if the „SKN theory course“ is not mandatory anymore, we would like to offer interested persons this valuable, comprehensive course. It does not matter if you are interested in a puppy or a dog from the animal shelter – or if you already have a dog!

This course is not only exciting for first-time owners – but for all dog-loving people who want to learn more about „dogs needs“ and „the life with dog today“. This course can be both: a very good preparation for your first dog or a great update for you as a responsible dog owner.


Evolution of dogs (Special Topic: puppy development), behaviour of dogs (normal / problematic), how does a dog learn (learning theory), body language / expression behaviour of dogs, important points when purchasing a dog etc.

More Information about this course and what you should bring along you find here: theory course: Dog Update!


      • CHF 210.00. This price includes english documentation, english bonus material, mineral water, croissant, personal certificate and course administration
      • Costs für the 2nd Person of the same household: CHF 160.00 (Please just sign up separately and choose cash or eBanking for payment)
      • Here you find all information for payment


In case you already have a dog, please note that this theory course takes place without dogs. Please look for a good dogsitter for this day. Thank you for your understanding.

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