Private Lessons are tailored to your specific needs.

When are private lessons adequate?

      • In case of problematic behaviour, such as separation anxiety, leash-aggression, stereotypical behaviour, heavy pulling on the lead and many more. All these topics need special and individual attention
      • If a group course cannot cover all your many individual and dog specific questions
      • If your dog has a dog-dog conflict and training in a group is not successfull at the moment
      • Personal preference to work individually with your dog to learn special exercises or obedience

Private Lesson details

        • Appointments: upon request
        • Trainingslocation: 8057 Zurich, Irchelpark or TrainingsWerkstatt
        • House calls on demand (depending on topic of training)
        • Trainings will take place irrespective of weather conditions

What to bring along

        • Everyday equipment (no flexi-leash)
        • Lots of dog kibbles & small treats
        • Pen and paper
        • Water for your dog
        • Course fees (please bring the exact amount)
        • Good Mood, motivation and patience 🙂

Costs & Payment

          • 1 Lesson*: CHF 130.-/lesson à 60 Min. (further min. CHF 1.50)
          • 3 Combo: CHF 375.-, resp. 125.-/lesson à 60 Min. (further min. CHF 1.50)- validity 3 Months
          • 5 Combo: CHF 600.- resp. 120.-/lesson à 60 Min. (further min. CHF 1.50) – validity 4 Months
          • 10 Combo: CHF 1’100.-, resp 110.-/lesson à 60 Min. (further min. CHF 1.50) –  validity 6 Months
          • House calls are possible, a flat charge of CHF 40.- is added for travelling expenses (City of Zurich)

*Exeption: customers from current courses who book a private lesson at the same time can take it for the price of CHF 120.-/lesson à 60 minutes.


Please send an email with the subject „private lesson“ to and write us a short description of your inquiry or needs for a private lesson. Furthermore, leave a phone number so I can contact you, if there are any questions from my side. Thank you!