This course is suitable for small as well as for large dogs!

For a wonderful start into the world of modern dog training – a pleasant and entertaining mix of education, everyday training and fun!

Do you need the “Junghunde- or Erziehungskurs” for the canton of Zurich?

To do this, please first register the BASIC module and then book the ADVANCED module. Together, they are given the 10-lesson Erziehungskurs / Junghundekurs – plus two extra lessons.

Special: We do have the option for indoor and outdoor training

Learning content Modul BASIC:

Dog training should be enjoyable for both owner and our four-legged friends. So for sure we will also have some fun!

Playful exercises for learning:

  • Marking signal (praise word or clicker)
  • Keep going signal
  • Eye contact
  • go to your blanked – have a break
  • do not jump up on people when greeting (Basics)
  • Sit and down – also over distance (Basics)
  • Proper Leash-Handling of the owner
  • Walking nicely on the leash (Basics)
  • Recall-Signal (Basics)
  • Muzzle Training (Basics)
  • Drop it Signal (Basics)
  • Wait somewhere, I will be back
  • Handling with long leash (Schleppleine)

Combining theory and practical knowledge of

  • How do I motivate my dog?
  • Which are the most popular rewards for my dog?
  • Encourage concentration and calm behavior
  • How do I communicate with my dog?
  • How do I handle my dog in situations when we approach humans, dogs or other animals?
  • Understanding body language of the dog
  • Recognizing and ease conflict situations
  • Get reasonable ideas of how to keep the dog busy / happy on everyday walks

Course Details

This course held in small groups of maximum 5 teams human-dog-teams. This allows a smooth flow and ensures enough time to devote special attention to individual questions or difference levels of training.

  • Location: amicanis TrainingsWerkstatt, very close to Irchelpark
  • Schedule & Times: please check Events and look for “Modul BASIC”
  • Costs: CHF 280.00 (Includes 6 lessons in small closed group, bonus material, documentation, indoor option, certificate and administrative costs)
  • Training will take place in spite of weather conditions

Please take along

Only to the first lesson

  • Dog certificate / Dog’s vaccination booklet (Heimtierausweis)
  • Your Passport or Identity card or Ausländerausweis
  • Course fee – Cash (in a marked envelope) or bank transfer confirmation

For every Lesson

  • Normal everyday equipment (No Flexi-Leash)
  • Lots and lots of food (small pellets, it’s better to bring to much than to little)
  • Water for your dog
  • Robidog-Bags
  • Appropriate clothing (If it rains, please have a towel for your dog)
  • Blanket for your dog
  • House shoes for you in case we go inside
  • A good mood, motivation and patience 🙂

Please keep in mind

      • Please remember, that you and your dog should arrive min. 5 Minutes before the lessons starts, without having to be stressed upon arrival. This also allows your dog to do his/her business and get to know the training grounds – for an optimal start with training.
      • Out of respect of insecure dogs, dogs are not allowed to make contact while on the lead. Furthermore, it is fair to keep a distance of 5-6 meters between teams (or even more if a dog needs it).
      • Dogs are always to be hold on the lead and can only be set free with the consultation of amicanis-trainer.
      • It is mandatory to pick up dog excrement’s during training and in the area of the courses.


    • To register, please go to Events and look for „Modul BASIC“
    • If you have any questions, please send us an email.