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This course is suitable for human-dog teams, who likes to continue dog training after the modul BASIC at amicanis.

This „Module ADVANCED“ contains 6 lessons and is the continuation of the „Module BASIC“. Later, further modules can be added, which we highly recommend for a solid basic training for humans and dogs. Because both sides need equal time to learn, understand and internalize the learning contents: Practice makes perfect

More about Modul Advanced

More information about WHAT YOU LEARN and what you SHOULD BRING ALONG please find here Modul ADVANCED.

Thanks to our cozy „TrainingsWerkstatt“ we can train indoor and outdoor.


We will meet up at the border of Irchelpark (Strickhofstrasse), a few meters away from our TrainingsWerkstatt. Please check THIS LINK and look out for „Treffpunkt Park“.

Important: Please keep your dog on a leash and keep at least 5m distance to the other teams. As not every dog ​​likes „contact“ when leashed. Dog contact therefore only by mutual agreement. Thank you for consideration.


Training Dates

  • Lesson 1: Tuesday, 18. February 2020
  • Lesson 2: Tuesday, 25. February 2020
  • Lesson 3: Tuesday, 03. March 2020
  • Lesson 4: Tuesday, 10. March 2020
  • Lesson 5: Tuesday, 17. March 2020
  • Lesson 6: Tuesday, 24. March 2020



Nice to know

      • This course deliberately takes place in a closed, small group à max. 5 teams – for quality.
      • The lessons build up on each other in content, because with a red thread it is easier to learn.
      • In the first lesson you have to be present (or book this as a private lesson before the second lesson – at the cheaper rate.)
      • The course can only be booked as a unit. Missed lessons can not be made up or compensated in another group (closed groups). If you like, you are welcome to book a private lesson for the missing learning content – at the cheaper rate.
      • The more you practice at home and in everyday life, the more you benefit from the course.
      • Individual topics (anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety, potty training, excessive barking etc.) can not be treated with enough time and attention in these group lessons. There are the private lessons for such individual topics – at the cheaper rate.
      • Your registration is binding, because you reserve one of 5 course places.

 We can only hand over the certificate for mandatory courses if …

        • the official participant (= person registered at amicus) has attended the full number of lessons imposed by his local administration / Hundekontrolle.
        • the participant has reached the learning goals with his dog. But do not worry, this is never an issue with active participation in class and homework practice. You will have fun and success 🙂



The course costs of CHF 280.00 include the following

  • 6 lessons à 60 minutes
  • closed group at max. 5. human-dog-teams
  • Lessons which build on each other
  • Cozy TrainingsWerkstatt (Indoor Room) where we can go – depending on weather and topic
  • handouts for training
  • Mandatory Certificate / Certificate

This is how you can pay the course fee.



Requirement to visit this course

                • You have already visited the Modul Basic
                • You would like to train your dog with positive enforcement
                • You do not book these courses because you have to, but because you love to learn and you love your dog – and you want to grow into an even better team with him
                • You follow our general terms and conditions


For registration please fill in the „Anmeldung“ below

This form is quite short because we already have your data from the Modul Basic, which you’ve visited before.


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