Modul BASIC (EN)

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  • 4max. Teilnehmer
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This Modul „Basic“ includes 5 Lessons and offers a great Kick-off for every dog and it’s owner who are interested into a good education and a good understanding of modern dogtraining with positive enforcement.

For a wonderful start into the world of modern dog training – a pleasant and entertaining mix of education, everyday training and fun!

For those of you who want to visit a mandatory Junghunde- or Erziehungscourse, you book this Modul Basic first and afterwards the Modul Advanced. Both together are the Junghunde- or Erziehungskurs à 10 Lessons.

Thanks to our cozy „Trainingswerkstatt“ we do have the option for INDOOR & OUTDOOR Training

More info about Modul Basic

More information about WHAT YOU LEARN and what you SHOULD BRING ALONG please find here: Modul Basic (english)

Training Dates

  • Lesson 1: Tuesday, 26. February
  • Lesson 2: Tuesday, 05. March
  • Lesson 3: Tuesday, 12. March
  • Break / no training
  • Lesson 4: Tuesday, 26. March
  • Lesson 5: Tuesday, 02. April


We will meet up at the border of Irchelpark (Strickhofstrasse), a few meters away from our TrainingsWerkstatt. Please check THIS LINK and look out for „Treffpunkt Park“.

Important: Please keep your dog on a leash and keep at least 5m distance to the other teams. As not every dog ​​likes „contact“ when leashed. Dog contact therefore only by mutual agreement. Thank you for consideration.

Nice to know

      • This course deliberately takes place in a closed small group à max. 4 teams, so we have enough time for everyone.
      • The lessons build on each other in content, because with a red thread it is easier to learn.
      • The more you practice at home and in everyday life, the more you benefit from the course.
      • Obligatory course passes may only be handed out when the participants have reached their learning goals. But don’t worry, this is never an issue, by acticely participating in the course and with some practice at home (homework).
      • Individual topics (anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety, potty training, etc.) can not be treated with enough time and attention in these group lessons. There are the private lessons for such individual topics. (Parallel to the course at a cheaper rate.)
      • Your registration is binding, because you reserve one of four course places. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Price includes 5 lessons à 60 Minutes, in a small group of max. 4 participants with the option of Indoor-Training, bonus material, certificate as well as administrative costs.

Requirement to visit this course

      • You would like to train your dog with positive enforcement
      • Your dog is older than 16 weeks
      • You do not book this course because you have to, but because you love to learn and you love your dog – and you want to grow into an even better team with him
      • You follow our general terms and conditions

For registration please fill in the „Anmeldung“ below

We need your data also for your official certificate, if you need one for the mandatory courses of canton of Zurich (Junghundekurs / Erziehungskurs). The data is kept with us and never passed on.


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