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Checklist – getting a dog in Kanton Zurich

Are you living in Kanton Zurich and you are thinking of getting a dog?

What you need to do before getting a dog

      • It is not mandatory at the moment, but very recommended to visit a good theory course before getting a dog. As for example our theory course “DOG UPDATE”.
      • Get a “Haftpflichtversicherung” (insurance against damage to third parties) with a min. of CHF 1’000’000 (doesn’t matter how big the dog will be and what breed, etc.) – mandatory in Kanton Zurich to have this insurance if you hold a dog.
      • Make sure the future dog will already be micro-chiped when you will get it – and that this chip is correctly registered at the registration company AMICUS
      • Make sure you are officially allowed to keep a dog in your appartment (in case you’re renting)
      • Make sure your future dog does not belong to “Rassetypenliste II” (forbidden in Kanton Zurich)
      • Please be aware that getting a dog should never be an “impulse purchase”. Before getting a dog please think twice if you really can provide a good life for a dog – today as well as within the next 8 to 15 years.
      • Please look very close and critial, where from you get your dog: is the breeder, animal shelter or animal welfare organisation really working reliable? (the mandatory SKN Theory Course can help you to answer these questions)

As soon as you have your dog you need to …

        • You have to inform Hundekontrolle der Stadt Zürich, that you’re going to be a new dog owner. They will open an account for you at AMICUS and you will receive your login dates as well as your personal ID for  via postal service.
        • Also make sure Hundekontrolle der Stadt Zürich registers your dog in their own system
        • Your vet can register your dog on your AMICUS-Account, using your personal ID (more Infos about Amicus you find here)
        • Make sure you visit all mandatory courses you need to. An overview about mandatory courses in Kanton Zurich you find here
        • If you get your dog at puppy age (younger than 16 weeks) you should not waste any time and find good puppy lessons to visit (mandatory for Rassetypliste I, but recommended for every dog).

During your dog’s life

        • Make sure to update AMICUS about every modification of your data (adress and phone number). Especially for the worst case scenario that your dog would get lost, the person who finds him can go to every vet, animal shelter or police station, where they can read his chip number (reading device) and contact you immediately
        • Even if we don’t like to think about this at all: In case you would have to give your dog away or he passes away, you should inform AMICUS as well as your local administration within 10 days.


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