Modul BASIC (EN)

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Event Details

  • 5max. Teilnehmer
  • PatriciaKursleitung

Corona Info:

      • Learning content which we hold indoors in winter (theory, first steps of the exercise structure, answering questions, medical training, etc.) currently takes place online (because we are currently not allowed to use the TrainingWorkshop for group courses). Here, 2 people per dog are very welcome to participate.
      • For the lessons that we always train outside (application of the online built up, such as leash walking, changing sides, dog encounters, recall etc. under distraction) we meet as usual in the Irchelpark. For the outdoor lessons we all stick to our protection concept (incl. packing list) – no accompanying person can be brought along.
        Details will be discussed in the first lesson (online).


This course is suitable for people who are interested in modern dog training and would like to live the philosophy of positive enforcement in their daily dog life.

This Modul „Basic“ includes 6 Lessons and offers a great Kick-off for every dog and it’s owner who are interested into a good education and a good understanding of modern dog training with positive enforcement.

If you would like to complete the „mandatory Junghundekurs or Erziehungskurs“ with this solid „basic training“ at amicanis, please book first this module BASIC and later the module ADVANCED with 6 lessons each (more about the mandatory certificate, please see below).


More info about Modul Basic

More information about WHAT YOU LEARN please find here: Modul BASIC (english)

In case of heavy rain or heat we can train indoors with enough distance from each other

Training Dates

      • Lesson 1: Tuesday, 02. March 2021
      • Lesson 2: Tuesday, 09. March 2021
      • Lesson 3: Tuesday, 16. March 2021
      • Lesson 4: Tuesday, 23. March 2021
      • Lesson 5: Tuesday, 30. March 2021
      • Lesson 6: Tuesday, 06. April 2021



      • We will meet online for the 1st lesson. You will receive an email before the class with the login information for the online course. It works very easily!
      • All you need is a laptop/computer (iPad/mobile phone also works – but is not optimal) with a camera and microphone – and a good internet connection.
      • The lessons at Irchelpark will take place towards the end of the course – we also take into account the weather conditions.


To bring along

To the first outdoor-lesson:

          • Identification (Passport/ID) of the dog owner
          • Your dog’s vaccination booklet

In every lesson:


Nice to know

                    • This course deliberately takes place in a closed, small group à max. 5 teams – for quality.
                    • The lessons build up on each other in content, because with a red thread it is easier to learn.
                    • In the first lesson you have to be present (or book this as a private lesson before the second lesson – at the cheaper rate.)
                    • The course can only be booked as a unit. Missed lessons can not be made up or compensated in another group (closed groups). If you like, you are welcome to book a private lesson for the missing learning content – at the cheaper rate.
                    • The more you practice at home and in everyday life, the more you benefit from the course.
                    • Individual topics (anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety, potty training, excessive barking etc.) can not be treated with enough time and attention in these group lessons. There are the private lessons for such individual topics – at the cheaper rate.
                    • Your registration is binding, because you reserve one of 5 course places.


This course as part of the compulsory dog course

We can only hand over the certificate for mandatory courses if …

                        • the official participant (= person registered at amicus) has attended the full number of lessons imposed by his local administration / Hundekontrolle.*
                        • the participant has reached the learning targets with his dog. But do not worry, this is never an issue with active participation in class and homework practice. You will have fun and success. **


              • *The modules deliberately consist of 6 lessons, so that in case of a possible missed lesson you will still have enough lessons. If you miss more than 1 lesson per module, it can be made up for as a private lesson or social walk (at the corresponding costs). We will discuss together what makes the most sense for the respective dog.
              • ** In cases where the dog owner obviously does not care about the learning targets of the Basic module, we reserve the right to refuse to continue with the Advanced module. The Basic module can be repeated (normal price) or a confirmation of attendance of the lessons attended so far will be hand over, which may be credited in another dog school.



The course costs of CHF 280.00 include the following

                    • 6 lessons à 60 minutes
                    • closed group at max. 5 human-dog-teams
                    • Lessons which build on each other
                    • Folder with bonus material (Learning behavior, expressive behaviour, Health, official Documents of Kanton Zurich and much more)
                    • handouts for training

Please pay the course fee online – at least one week before the course starts.


Requirements to visit this course

                • You would like to train your dog with positive enforcement – you are willing to reward your dog for good behaviour (also with food)
                • You register here not only because you „have to“ (mandatory course), but because you are looking forward to learning together and you want to live the positive reinforcement not only in class but also in the dog’s everyday life (please read: Hand auf Herz)
                • Your dog is older than 16 weeks
                • Your dog has no fear or aggression problems towards other dogs/people*
                • You follow our COVID-19 protection concept
                • You follow our general terms and conditions

*otherwise please contact us before registration so we can discuss this – there are situations where a group course simply does not make sense (yet). But you can train on this topics, we will be happy to help you with it.



                • Everything worth knowing about the wonderful being dog: Theory course Update Dog“


For registration please fill in the „Anmeldung“ below

We will need this data to issue your „mandatory certificate“. Please make sure that your data is complete and correct. Certificates that have to be issued twice due to wrong data will be charged with CHF 30.00. Many thanks for your understanding. Your data will be kept with us and will never be passed on.