Modul ADVANCED – Junghunde-/Erziehungskurs (english)

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Event Details

  • min. 3 max. 4max. Teilnehmer
  • PatriciaKursleitung

Mandatory practical training for all who need to visit the “Junghunde- or Erziehungskurs” but basically recommended for every human-dog-team who would like to improve and have some quality time together.

What you learn in this course

This “advanced training” ist building up on the basic knowledge which you already got from Modul Basic. There will be many new things which we learn and lots of improvement for example regarding recall, walking nicely on leash etc.

More Information about this course and what you should bring along you find here: Junghunde- & Erziehungskurse (Modul Advanced).

Training Dates

  • Lesson 1: Tuesday, 28. June
  • Lesson 2: Tuesday, 05. July
  • Lesson 3: Tuesday, 12. July
  • Lesson 4: Tuesday, 19. July
  • Lesson 5: Tuesday, 26. July


Price includes 5 lessons in a small group of max. 4 participants, bonus material, certificate as well as administrative costs.

Requirement to visit this course

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